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Our ambassadors are an integral part of the Hangar 18 team . We all live the mountain life, we are all active in mountain sports and we breath the mountain air. Mountain lifers we are.
Karen Robertson

I love the hills, and this adoration started as a child, being brought up in rural Northumberland and always being outside. I have been running competitively since the late 80’s, with both Tynedale Harriers and Northumberland Fell Runners.  Some of my personal achievements have included wins at Duddon Fell Race, Fairfield Horseshoe, Chevy Chase, Blaydon Races, (yep, I was somewhat gannin) Allendale Challenge, and Isle of Man Marathon.

 I don’t run on the roads anymore, my knees couldn’t take it and ofcourse I love our countryside too much. I still run cross-country but the fells are where I belong. The races are great and the fell running community equally so (I like to chat). Ooh and reigning North East Fell Running Champion.

 Off the fells, I work as a Community Hospice Nurse and have 3 kids, a dog, chickens, a lizard and a tortoise.

 I’m now getting a little slower but my passion for the hills, moors, woods and mud never dwindles. Bring it on….

Dave Beech
Dave is an active mountain runner and rock climber. Member of the North of Tyne Search and Rescue Team. Ex Tier 2 Special Forces Operator and Sniper. Project 2020 see’s Dave and Cliff Hands head to Switzerland to climb the Matterhorn and Eiger for the charity “Mountains For the Mind”.
Duncan Archer 

Middle photo by Phillip Baxter, left and right by Ian Coreless.

Duncan has orienteered for many years at an elite level, including representing England in 2014, and Great Britain in the past.  He is also a fell runner and mountain marathon competitor, winning the OMM Elite in 2011, and LAMM Elite in 2011, 2012 and 2014.  A keen rock climber too.  When not out in the hills he works for a software company, powering the transition of communications networks.

duncanarcher's orienteering training log duncanarcher's orienteering training log

 Mark Reeves

It is always a little weird talking about yourself, but here goes. I am a rock climber, I have indulged in this crazy passion for all things vertical since 1995 when I packed my bags and moved to university in Bangor, North Wales for the sole purpose of climbing. Living in Snowdonia ever since, I now work in the industry around the sport that consumes me.

Don’t be under any illusion that I am a top level climber, i am not. I prefer to see myself  as what might be called a ‘lifer’ having over twenty years experience in rock climbing. In that time I have onsighted E6, bouldered V9, climbed all over the world and made some first ascents on remote big walls in Canada and Alaska. My work now includes coaching people to climb, instructing them in navigation and mountaineering skills as well as trying to capture the lifestyle in words and pictures. I guess I am the stereotypical jack of all trades master at none.

This year I turn 40, so I am no spring chicken and definitely feel like the top of the hill is in sight. In order to combat this and rather than getting divorced or a sports car, my midlife crisis has revolved around taking a year off my normal 9 to 5 and instead I am focused on producing a series of words pictures and videos of my journey round the world in 40 climbs. 

Hangar 18 have been really supportive and got onboard at the start of this project by providing me with some of their excellent gear and helping me share the mini-series I am creating with you their customers. My initial leg to south america where I managed to get a few great routes in the bag, I then had my camera and computer stolen and was forced to cut the trip short. On my return Hangar 18 asked whether I would be an ambassador for them.

It seems like a great opportunity for me to work with them and help to promote not only there existing equipment but give them feedback on how it works in my world. In doing so I hope that together we can produce some really great kit for not only climbing but a multitude of outdoor pastimes. 



We really do TEST our gear.

For example: 480grm Sleeping bag was used at OMM 2010/2011/2012, LAMM 2011/2012, BAMM 2011 prior to going into production. All H18 ORR products are designed in the UK and manufactured in UK, China, Spain, Peru or Pakistan.

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