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Jan 2015
Following on from our not for alpaca's advert we have our 'for fell runners' advert which appeared in the Spring issue of fell runner magazine 2015. This advert is linked to the previous as the socks are not made for alpacas but for fell runners, however, they are made from alpaca fibre making them a very functional sock.
August 2014
Our 'not for alpaca's' proved popular on the internet and has no moved to print. August 2014 advert appearing in Autumn Fell Runner Magazine 2014.

March 2014

This is our 'make your trail' advert which appeared in the spring edition of the Fell Runner Magazine.














October 2013

Here is the latest Hangar 18 advert for the Autumn edition of the Fell Runner Magazine.


February 2013 - located below
Sam Ferguson climbing Avenging the Halsewell at Winspit, Swanage.

January 2013 - located below
Joe Charles at the Cronkley Fell Race 2012.




Feburary 2012 - Located right. 
Steve Hau climbing Nihil. A 7b located at Battleship Edge on Portland, Dorset. This photo was taken in mid-january, pictured at the base of the climb in the H18 down jacket.


August 2011 - located below. 
Where else to test H18 gear than Chamonix, France. Pictured is Stu running up from the valley floor. 

We really do TEST our gear.

For example: 480grm Sleeping bag was used at OMM 2010/2011/2012, LAMM 2011/2012, BAMM 2011 prior to going into production. All H18 ORR products are designed in the UK and manufactured in UK, China, Spain, Peru or Pakistan.

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